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Would You Travel To Dance?

As I am researching and reading about different Salsa Congresses and Festivals, I am finding all of these beautiful places around the world organizing such a great event. Now, I have a rearranged list of places for my future travels!

I go to these festivals mainly to work, but get to dance some. Anyways, the vibes are awesome and I always have a great time meeting people from everywhere, whom (the best part is!!!) I get to dress for different dance events and parties around the globe!

This year, I was supposed to be in Croatia during Salsa Beach Splash in Sibenik. However, my non-dancing (but very supportive) husband badly hurt his foot, and unfortunately we ended up postponing our trip.

This country alone has four different big salsa events (usually in June and July), and they are all back to back, so once you are there, you can take part in all of them. 

- Summer Sensual Days Opatija, Croatia

- Summer Sensual Days Rovinj, Croatia

- Croatian Summer Salsa Festival, Rovinj, Croatia

- Salsa Beach Splash, Sibenik, Croatia

I spent a third of my childhood at the Croatian coast. It is a very beautiful country, you should plan to go visit and dance there!

Salsa All Around The World

And as you already know, Salsa events go all the way from January thru November! From parties, festivals to cruises!

Here is some more info on all of these events:

SalsaCircut and SalsaDanceCongress

I heard that Berlin Salsa Congress (October 5-7) is one of the biggest and most influential Salsa festivals in Europe and the whole world.

I have also heard cool things about the Moscow Salsa & Kizomba Festival. I would love to visit one day!

What To Wear?

For my dear ladies only! 

I know that attire for any of these parties is important to you, so please see below!

We are running an amazing sale for these timeless pieces that are the most comfortable and constructed to give you a great support while dancing.

We do not mass produce, but rather thoughtfully and ethically create these quality styles that are meant for you to wear again and again...from practice, social dance, any party (even if you don't dance), showcases, even competitions... 

Pieces that we create are fabulous canvases, and with the proper styling can be transformed to an outfit for any of these occasions.

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