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The Art of Dance, Fashion and Feminine Power

Why do I love partner dancing? The synchronization of two people is what makes this kind of dancing beautiful. I don't see submissive and dominant. I see partnership, teams that place the woman as equally important as her partner.

It is not a relationship between dictator and passive servant, but rather ongoing conversation that requires both parties to be equally involved. Masculine and feminine energies in this form of art are complimenting each other and are not combative.

Leader and follower - terms are essentially less gendered, because both partners are leaders and followers. Actually, man follows woman and woman follows man. Both parties are treated as equals and with respect. Each one is independent, but still part of the art of dance as a whole.

The Importance of Dance Fashion:

Usually women of creative passion are drawn to dance. What fascinates me is how much what you wear can affect your confidence levels and your performance as well. Your outfit really can empower you!

To me clothes are more about projecting personality, then about obeying the latest trends. This is even more emphasized in performance attire. I guess, that is why I love designing pieces worn on stage or on a dance floor.

Clothing and Empowerment:

Dancing is empowering as is, but adding the outfit that completes the character and gives you that attitude is even more powerful.

Now, speaking of clothing and power, in general, there are a lot of discussions about identifying power through dress code. My thought is that embracing the feminine side (through dance or fashion) does not make a woman less strong, independent and powerful. There is actually a profound sense of power coming from embodying your gender, not denying it.

Women in politics and business, especially, are often terrified that declaring an interest in fashion will have them classified as less authoritative. As a matter of fact, as Vicky Tiel says in her book Ther Absolute Woman: "Three of the first successful, self-made business women of the twentieth century are Helena Rubinstein, Elizabeth Arden and Coco Chanel, and funny enough they were all in the business of fashion and beauty."

I just thought that was an interesting topic when speaking of femininity, dance and power.

I love following fashion, but it has always been about the style I love, rather then automatically designing what is perceived as trendy. My work is not really about trends, but about character.

My designs have to be beautiful and utilitarian, but also made with clear conscience and crafted responsibility. There is an overload of product out there, so you have to choose things that are better for you. The idea is not to be excessive. I want my customers wearing pieces that I design, more then once. Fast, disposable fashion is not my thing. The art of creating clothing and pieces of quality is. 

My forever inspiration is dance as well as strong, self-reliant women that I create outfits for.

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