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Posture and Circulation: Is health being sacrificed in the name of style?

Can certain types of clothing damage a woman's health?

I never thought you should sacrifice comfort while being fashionable, when you don't really have to.

Well, I do sometimes wear tight pants, skirts and dresses (still nice and comfy materials though) that are believed to restrict circulation and blood flow. However, I strongly believe it all depends on the fabric choice, its breathability, weight, flexibility and garment fit.

They say, skinny jeans, pencil skirts, coats with large hoods, over-size bags, high heels... are believed to be most popular choices that could have negative effect on the body. However, eveything in moderation, I would say! And of course, it depends on how often and how long you are wearing those pieces for.

Even with these potential issues, you can still remain fashion-forward without harming your body.

Fabric Choice:

As a litle girl, I was overly sensitive to tactile input (I had a bit of a Sensory Processing Disorder, I guess) and as an adult I am still very particular about the materials that the clothing I create and wear is made of. If it doesn't feel good on my skin, I know I will never wear it, therefore I would not want to sell it either.

Fabrics are my passion and a big part of my creating process. They have to look pretty, but also be comfortable and of good quality, perfect weight and flexibility. Also, I will choose blends with natural polymers whenever I can, because they give you that amazing comfort, but still maintain the strength of a man-made fiber.

Long story short, always pay attention to the type of fabrics while shopping. Even a simple piece made out of beautiful and healthy fabrics can make you feel like a million bucks!

Garment Fit and Your Posture:

Garment fit is another important point that can very much affect your posture, comfort levels, as well as physical and mental health.

I still remember my mom consistently reminding me to "stand up straight, pull my stomach in and shoudlers back!" Not only for adequate back support, healthier spine and muscles, but posture is also known to affect your confidence levels. Proper posture will make your breathing easier and deeper, improve circulation and digestion, allow muscles to work more efficiently preventing muscle fatigue, but also very, very important is that it will boost your self-confidence!

So, all these points I keep in mind when engineering a garment, whether I am working on performance outfits or ready-to-wear. 

One of the pieces I created with the purpose of having function, comfort, improving posture and adding to confidence levels are the Noka Posh Perfect Pants.

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