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NOKA POSH, New Dance Inspired Apparel Brand Brings the Tampa Bay Dance Community Together with Gala Launch Event

Tampa, FL - Fashion Designer, Tatjana Sladojevic, based in the Tampa Bay Area, is launching her debut fashion line on Friday evening, February 21, 2014 at 6:30 PM.  This event will give the Tampa Bay dance community a wonderful excuse to gather and celebrate its rich diversity of cultures and expression thru dance and fashion.  

"Living here in such a beautifully diverse community which celebrates its many cultures, has been a powerful influence in my work." said Designer Tatjana Sladojevic.

Complementing Tatjana's love of the world of design, she also finds passion in dance and wellness. She is captivated by the idea of creating clothing that inspires movement. This fascination has led her on a journey that has culminated in the founding of the Noka Posh dance and movement inspired apparel brand.

Tatjana's Fall Collection, "Motion In Style", will be presented at the special gala launch event to be held at Dance Boutique, located at 8120 Anderson Rd, in Tampa, FL.  Unlike traditional boutiques, this venue can transform to capture performances of all types. This two-story building includes a stage as well as a runway.  The event will begin with dance performances by some of the premiere dance studios in the Tampa Bay area and will finish with a runway show featuring the collection.

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